Linear Air Bearings, Air Bearing Slides, Air Bearing Tables

PI Nelson Air's linear air bearings and air bearing slides provide smooth, accurate linear motion. Purchase just the air bearing component parts for passive systems or to build your own air bearing stage or buy a complete air bearing stage with integrated motor, encoder and a high performance motion controller - fully integrated air bearing stage.

Standard Linear Air Bearing Product Lines

In addition, bearings and systems can be customized from our extensive catalog of previous projects.

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  • Load Capacity from 1 lbs. to 2260 lbs. (@ 80 psi supply)
  • Travel from 1" to 64"
  • Multiple Accuracy grades
  • Inherently frictionless/stictionless
  • Materials: Hardcoat Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Steel, Granite, Ceramic and other materials available
  • Air pressure supply from 20 to 80 psi
  • Multiple carriage systems available
  • Bearings can be combined for multi-axis positioning
  • English and metric units available


  • Positioning
  • Scanning
  • Metrology
  • Force Measurement
  • Inspection
  • Calibration
  • Clean Rooms