Planar XY Air Bearings, XY-Theta Air Bearing Slides, Performance Air Bearing Tables

For the highest performance and precision applications, PI Nelson Air has developed a number of Planar XY air bearing stages. These planar linear slides use air bearings which ride directly on a granite or aluminum base. By eliminating the height stackup and overhung loads typical of stacked stage designs, planar air bearings achieve flatness of travel equal to or better than the actual flatness of the base. In addition, these systems have superior stiffness and load capacity. Finally, because the repeatability of air bearings is much better than mechanical bearings long travel systems can be calibrated for extremely high accuracies.

Many sizes, configurations and materials are available. We also offer XYZ stages and gantry systems.

Please contact us to discuss your exact needs and for more detailed specifications.

Planar air bearing stages are available with travel ranges to 1x1 meters. More information, specifications, datasheets >>


  • Load capacity from 10 lb to 1,000 lbs
  • Flatness/straightness better than 0.25microns available
  • Stiffness from 50,000 to 2,000,000 lbs/in
  • High Resolution/HIgh Accuracy Encoders Available
  • Acceleration over 1g available
  • Travels from 100x100mm to 1m x 1m