Air Bearings - Tables, Slides, Stages, Systems


Since 1984, we have been designing and manufacturing precision air bearing components, air bearing stages, linear slides and air bearing positioning systems for industry and science.

Our products include flat Z/tip/tilt, linear, rotary, spherical and planar air bearings and systems. We also specialize in delivering application-specific bearings and systems to meet your exact needs with the highest quality and service.

PI Nelson Air's air bearings outperform traditional mechanical bearings in a variety of high performance motion applications. Sometimes air bearings are the only solution to difficult motion problems.

PI's Air Bearing Design & Manufacturing Operation



Typical Applications for our Air Bearings

Air Bearings are extremely useful for 2 general categories of applications - frictionless motion and ultraprecision positioning. Frictionless motion applications take advantage of the totally noncontact nature of air bearings even when operating under heavy loads. Ultra-precision Positioning takes advantage of the extremely tight manufacturing tolerances required to make air bearings as well as their inherent error averaging to deliver the ultimate in ultra-high accuracy, straightness, flatness, pitch, roll, yaw, and runout.

Frictionless Motion:

  • Micro-Tensile & Micro-Torque Testing
  • Moving Heavy Loads with extreme smoothness (zero stiction/friction)
  • Zero gravity simulation for attitude control or deployment testing
  • Self-aligning presses for delicate optical assembly
  • and many, many more....

Ultra-precision Positioning:

  • Micromachining Systems - multi-axes and spindles
  • Semiconductor Inspection and Processing
  • Disk Drive Writing and Testing
  • Roundness Measurement
  • Optical Alignment/Centration
  • and many, many more.....

PI Nelson Air offers a variety of precision air bearings and integrated positioning systems designed to meet the needs of our customers.

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