RB Linear Air Bearing Slides

If your application requires smooth, precise linear motion our RB series linear rectangular air bearings are right for you. These bearings can easily replace ball bearing and crossed roller bearing slides and are simple to integrate and use.

They offer better straightness, angular deviation and repeatability than ball bearing slides, especially for travel lengths greater than 100mm (4”). In addition, because air bearings are inherently frictionless they do not exhibit breakaway or running friction, even under their maximum loading.

Finally, the totally noncontact, clean nature of air bearings means that they are virtually maintenance free and their accuracy won’t degrade over time due to wear. Just add air and precision positioning is at your fingertips.

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  • Travel from 50mm – 1000mm (2” – 40”) available
  • Payload from 13kg – 775kg (30 lbs – 1700 lbs)
  • Frictionless/Stictionless Movement
  • Up to +/-0.25 micrometers straightness/flatness

For drawings and complete specs, download the Datasheet/Specs PDF below.


Download PDF Datasheet / Drawings