Services from Nelson Air

PI Nelson Air is dedicated to providing the highest quality services to all of its customers no matter the size of the company or the value of the project. By combining extremely responsive engineering support with lean manufacturing techniques, custom products are turned around in a matter of weeks instead of months.

Affordable Custom Designs

At PI Nelson Air, custom does not mean expensive. We regularly work with a variety of OEM's and R&D labs to provide designs that are integrated into a product, used for custom fixturing or used in special laboratory apparatus. We can quickly develop a design based on an application's specific requirements, provide detailed engineering drawings and CAD models, give accurate price and leadtime quotes and assemble the products with the highest quality and performance. By working from our extensive catalog of designs we can complete new designs in a few days and provide these custom products at a cost lower than similar catalog parts from other companies.

We use Solidworks 3-D parametric solid modeling to quickly and accurately design our parts, ensuring that they fit and function right the first time. This also allows us to share design files in dxf, dwg, sat, iges and Pro Engineer formats so our customers get accurate drawings and models quickly and easily.

We have experience in analysis and modeling of precision systems using standard calculations and FEA and understand the complex issues associated with nanometer accuracy positioning.

Systems Integration

Working closely with our customers allows us to offer system integration services tailored to their needs. While some customers prefer to choose their own motors, encoders, and controllers, others choose to rely on our expertise to provide a fully-integrated positioning solution. We have experience with a broad range of products and can find the right ones to deliver the accuracy, repeatability, and cost that your application demands.
Examples of integration options:

  • Motors: Linear Permanent Magnet, Linear Voice Coil, DC Brushless, Stepper
  • Actuators: Direct Drive, Leadscrew
  • Encoders: Optical scales - linear and rotary, Interferometer
  • Controls: Closed loop PID
  • Software and Data Acquisition

We also have programming experience with a variety of off-the-shelf controllers and data acquisition cards. We can provide custom control, data acquisition, analysis and calibration software to work with your hardware. Example languages:

  • C
  • MS Visual C++
  • MS Visual Basic
  • LabView

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Grinding and Assembly

The key to producing high quality air bearings is accurate grinding and assembly. PI Nelson Air has extensive expertise in these areas and offers these services to its customers. Using in-house built equipment and proprietary techniques PI Nelson Air routinely achieves accuracies and tolerances other shops wouldn't even attempt. By employing highly trained technicians and proper equipment PI Nelson Air can deliver precision assemblies with outstanding quality and price.

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Air Bearing Repair

PI Nelson Air has built a such a strong reputation for high quality and excellent service that many former customers of other manufacturers send us their air bearings for refurbishment and repair. We can disassemble, regrind, replace nozzles, or do whatever it takes to restore your bearings to their original specs or better.

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